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Turtle Wax tar and glue remover 400ml

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Turtle Wax Tar & Glue Remover provides powerful and effective removal of tar, glue and sticker deposits in an easy-to-use aerosol spray format. The thick viscous gel formula clings to vertical surfaces for a long contact time with tar, glue and sticker deposits. It wonít drip or run off vertical surfaces onto the ground like many other products. This extra contact time allows the formula to soften and dissolve the tar and glue deposits effectively so that they can be removed with a simple wipe using a microfibre cloth. The formula has been specially developed to be safe for use on all modern clear coat paintwork, glass and alloy wheels. It is also compatible with most SMART paint repairs and alloy wheels which have been refurbished. Turtle Wax Tar and Glue Remover is a great value all-around, effective and easy-to-use product for the removal of Tar and Glue contaminants.

Thompsons Ltd


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