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Varta A7 / E39 Alfa Audi Citreon Mercedes 70Ah 760CCA 096 AGM Car Battery

RRP: £326.99
Exclusive Website Price Offer not available in store

8 In Stock

Varta Start-Stop Plus batteries are powered by AGM technology, is specifically designed to meet the huge energy demands of vehicles equipped with advanced Start-Stop technologies, such as regenerative braking. This is a Battery that delivers optimal performance, faster conductivity and reliable starting power, even when the charge is low.

The Varta E39 has been a superb Battery for many years, and recently has been superceded by the A7 model. There is no difference in the size or power, but the A7 is noted to be "EV Ready" and as such has received a new part number. At present, our stock is mixed and you may receive either of these models. If you specifically want one or the other please contact us before buying to make sure we have stock on hand.

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