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Varta D15 Audi Ford Vaux BMW VW Volvo 12v Volt 63Ah 610CCA 027 5 Year Car Battery

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High-performance, highly equipped vehicles require the greatest demands from their Battery . That's where the VARTA SILVER dynamic Battery excels. Ultra reliable, it meets or exceeds all OE requirements, has exceptionally high reserve capacity and superb cold start performance. In short, this is a premium lead-acid SLI Battery that always delivers. The Battery does not just start things consistently, but it starts things consistently for the duration of its long lifespan. This is made possible by the innovative Powerframe technology. Johnson Controls began integrating this Powerframe technology into the VARTA batteries, and if VARTA was not already a top tier name in the industry, they surely are now. This is a unique grid design that cuts out a lot of the deterioration that can destroy conventional batteries that are not equipped with this technology. Besides preventing premature failure, the VARTA Powerframe logo means that the flow of current inside is optimized in order to deliver a clean energy source without spikes and with consistency. Bookmold and expanded metal alternatives are no match for the Powerframe design. Silver Dynamic batteries exceed the standards set by vehicle manufacturers in just about every aspect. They are perfectly suited for public safety vehicles with a great deal of external electrical equipment and lighting devices. When deciding on a car/truck Battery for a diesel vehicle then the Silver Dynamic is the way to go as well. Quality in a Battery is one of the most important factors for a vehicle owner. It is also one of the easiest things to address due to the fact that Battery replacement is so simple that even the most naive of drivers can handle the task himself. If budget is a concern then take a look at either the Blue or Black models. However, if superiority is a determining factor then there is likely no better choice in the VARTA line than the Silver Dynamic model.

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