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Granville Copper Multi Purpose Grease 500g Anti-Seize Compound

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Granville Copper Grease 20g Tube Granville Copper Anti-Seize Compound is a soft copper coloured grease used to prevent seizure caused by metal to metal contact under arduous conditions. The product is both thermally and mechanically stable, very water repellent and will naturally adhere to metal surfaces. Ensures excellent protection for metal parts against heat, seizure, rust, corrosion, water and acid. Operating temperature range: -30C to +1100C Melting point: None (Infusible product) Worked penetration: 280-320 NLGI classification: 2 Thompsons Mechanic Says: I use this product when fitting new brake pads to eliminate brake Squeal also whenever replacing car batteries i always coat the terminals in copper grease to prevent corrosion.

Thompsons Ltd


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