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Car Aircon R1234yf Compatible Leak Sealer x3 For Hybrid/Electric Vehicles + Professional Type Hose & Gauge Kit

RRP: £134.99
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Hose - This professional manifold is designed for Aircontopup.Com self-piercing cans. Has an extended hose making it easier to reach difficult low pressure coupling locations whilst enabling the gauge to be easily read. Features a special connector which allows one handed connection to the car - essential for tight installations. Top quality brass fittings and pressure gauge, easy to read scale range and heavy duty rubber surround to protect the gauge from knocks.

Leak Sealer / Propellant - Ageing causes coolant pressure loss. This product is specially formulated to recondition shrunken seals and can help to restore system integrity. Deploy the contents of the can into a low or empty system using the manifold and check to make sure the compressor kicks in and out. Use the gauge to check pressure achieved and allow that to sit over an extended period. If the pressure holds you have repaired the leak and you can then use additional Aircontopup.Com propellant to charge to the correct pressure. If the system does not hold pressure then you have diagnosed a more serious mechanical leak for the cost of the can, rather than garage labour. Also since our leak stopper contains a small amount of propellant it can be used to perk up and condition systems with slightly low levels but that do not require a full regas.

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