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Car Aircon R1234yf Compatible Refrigerant x1 + Sanitiser x1 + Filling Hose & Gauge Kit

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Designed for the latest cars using the new R1234YF system our PURPLE label kit allows almost anyone to replace the air conditioning coolant and get back peak performance. It connects simply to the low pressure air con port of the vehicle making it ideal for DIY use. The product does not fall within the scope of the F Gas regulations and is a 100% compatible product that can be added directly to vehicles filled with R1234YF. Most cars manufactured AFTER 2014/2015/2016 (depending on vehicle make) were filled with R1234YF from new so our PURPLE label topup and YELLOW label leak stop system is compatible with a huge range of these R1234YF vehicles. YOU MUST CHECK UNDER THE BONNET OF YOUR VEHICLE OR IN THE DOCUMENTS to be sure that your vehicle is R1234YF equipped before purchase. If your vehicle is R134a (the old type coolant installed in most cars before 2014/2015/2016) then we sell a suitable kit for that - look out for the BLUE labelled propellant cans and GREEN labelled stop leak for R134a. We have noticed that a there are a number of sellers claiming that they have a UNIVERSAL R134a & R1234YF solution which uses the SAME coolant. Through our extensive research, we have found that those products are not suitable for R1234YF system and we consider that there is the possibility of mid term damage to the compressor. We suggest to be safe and purchase our SPECIFIC R1234YF equivalent PURPLE label coolant for your system. SANITISER INFORMATION: (Also included) Our brand new aircon sanitiser is hot on the market now. Over time bacteria can build up in an aircon system, leaving a muggy smell that is at best nauseating and at worst can make you feel unwell. We advise that every so often you clean the system with our aircon sanitiser. Just turn the engine on, aircon system activated and circulation on, set the can in the rear foot well, leave the doors and windows closed and let the can do the rest of the work. For cars with deeper contamination you can repeat this operation multiple times for which we sell a triple pack of this product.

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