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Pyle-Home Furniture Cover Fits Round Tables And 4 Standard Chairs

RRP: £82.99
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Pyle was founded in the 1960s as a leading manufacturer of high-quality advanced woofers. Our reputation quickly grew as customers around the United States used our products and recognized the power of our scientifically-tuned woofers and drivers. Soon, the Pyle Driver, our original speakers, became a household name. Our Pyle Home line includes a wealth of products and accessories designed to enrich your media experiences in the home and on the go. Start with your home theatre a stalwart of any modern house. Weve got projectors, TVs, mounts, and stands, just to get started all fully equipped with state-of-the-art HD technology, compatible with beautiful video game consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, as well as your favourite Blu-Ray players, for crisp, hi-res images that explode in your eye on a mind-blowing scale. Of course, Pyle Home also carries all the cables and adaptors you need for a fully operational setup thats sure to be the envy of your neighbours. Theres plenty more to keep you entertained. Bass-expanding mini speakers that run on rechargeable batteries and play your digital music, wherever you go. Perfect for the dorm room or sitting by the pool. Headphones. Vintage turntables get the look of yesterdays classic phonographs with todays high-quality manufacturing standards. Power amplifiers, horn speakers, and waterproof speakers for your garden. Tripods and speaker stands. We have it all at Pyle Home.

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