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Pyramid Door Dash Flush Fit 300w Heavy Duty 3.25" Bullet Horn Tweeter Single

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Are you looking for a massive Tweeter which are ridiculously powerful? Fed up with the usual weedy things you see on the market? Meet the TW44. This is one of the biggest and baddest tweeter you will ever meet. Get them mounted up solidly and feed them some power and they'll astonish you with simply enormous quantities of clean, clear treble that only a big pair of magnets can produce. Amp Requirements: These tweeters are best amped on a traditional 2 Channel amp. Minimum 50w RMS is advised - many people do not realise under powering a speaker will kill it very quickly! It will run very happily on 100w RMS and will take up to 150w RMS without problem.

Thompsons Ltd


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