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Car AC Aircon Air Con 3 Top Up 2 Leak Stopper Recharge Refill Regas DIY Gas Cans

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Due to popular demand, we have no combined a special Re gassing Top up and Leak Stopper so customers can benefit massively with our huge savings. This kit comprises of 3 Top up cans and 2 Leakstopper cans. Re-gassing your vehicle aircon system is no longer difficult - with this fantastic product almost anyone can replace the air conditioning gas and get back peak performance and freshness. The product does not fall within the scope of the F Gas regulations - the gas is not R134a. Instead it is a compatible product that can be added directly to vehicles previously filled with R134a . Most cars manufactured after 1994 were filled with R134a from new so our system is compatible with a huge range of official and unoffically imported vehicles. Simply connect this can of product to your air con system using a compatiable Charging hose (sold separately, but available in our store) and you'll be topped up in no time! This one can is equivelent to 453g of R134a gas - enough to recharge a pretty much empty system on an average car. Should you require more gas for bigger systems we also offer a triple pack refill kit.This is the cheapest way to proceed when you suspect that you are losing gas due to a leak. Add the product via the low side port adaptor and suitable hose - this will attempt to pressurise the system enough to start your compressor. The special leak sealing properties of the product will re-condition shrunken seals and O rings giving an excellent chance of repairing the leak for good. If the system does not hold pressure then you will likely still have spent less to diagnose your more serious fault yourself than you would have by going into a garage in the first place! In the majority of cases the repair will be successful and you are then able to add a can of our air con topup gas to complete the job. Simply connect this can of product to your air con system using a suitable hose (available in our store) and begin to repair your system's leak

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