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Laser 7848 T-Handle Pre Set Torque Bit Driver

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Most modern vehicles incorporate large amounts of plastic in their construction for example dash board components, motorcycle fairing components, electronic sensors (ABS, CPS, etc.) and all these components use small threaded fixings that if overtightened will easily shear or crush the plastic components. The Laser 7848 kit provides 3 interchangeable pre-set torque driver shafts that allow the user to confidently tighten up low torque fixings. As well as plastic and alloy components, many electronic and electrical units are held in place by similar low torque fixings - for example airbags, ECU covers, mass air flow sensors, light covers and lens. The 7848 T-handle Torque Set is also ideal for the tightening of screws made from weaker materials - for example plastic and aluminium screws used on many high performance vehicles. Also ideal for other applications including bicycles or golf clubs.

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