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Bassface Funky Yellow Colour Bathroom iPhone MP3 Wall 200w Speakers Amplifier

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Find the perfect combination of great sounding speakers and a amplifier to match can be difficult. We have created the perfect combination with our funky Bassface SPLBOX speakers available in Red, Blue and Yellow and our small but packing a powerful punch Pyle 2 channel home amplifier. The speakers and amplifier are a perfect match but power and sound. The funky design of these speakers add a twist in any kitchen, bathroom or bedroom with qwerky colours that contrast with some bold designs. SPLBOX.4 is our latest and most exciting box speaker. Rated to IP65 level of waterproof and moulded in a range of colours and with ABS composite integrated grilles, brackets and accessories these are the easiest to maintain outdoor compatible speakers that we sell. Sound quality is excellent considering the small enclosure size with a warm, rich sound and detailled highs from the metal tweeter domes. These can be installed in vehicles, buildings, boats, gazebos, sheds - you name it - and all with a splash of colour! Please note that if the units are to be installed outdoors it will be necessary to periodically apply a UV protective spray to the coloured surfaces to prevent sun bleaching. Fading due to sun damage is not covered under the limited warranty. This mini stereo power amplifier provides up to 40 W of power on each channel at 4 ohms. Connect your inputs using the RCA jacks. Outputs over standard speaker push jacks. It's compatible with any audio or computer device - you can even hook up an iPod using a 3.5mm to RCA jack converter. Treble, bass, and volume controls on the front let you tweak your sound to exactly how you want it. Runs on 110 or 220 V

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