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Pyle 6 Way Sunvisor 400w Car Audio Dash Door Tweeters Flush Mount Speakers Pair

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These unique tweeter panels are built to add high end definintion to a system without taking up masses of space or power. The flat mount system with both bands for sunvisors and self adhesive mounts for flat panels creates a wide range of fitting options. Use in the door panels, wall mount in a camper, as part of a boot build or wrapped to the existing sunvisors for maximum high end reach. Amp Requirements: The 4 ohm impedance means the best amp to power a pair of these is a 2 Channel Amp or the two front channels on a 4 Channel Amp. Minimum 50w RMS is advised - many people do not realise underpowering a speaker will kill it very quickly! It will run very very happily on 75w RMS and will take up to 100w RMS without problem.This clever 6-way sunvisor mount tweeter system allows you to achieve a true tuned up sound. This 200 watt system is powered by four 60mm midrange piezos and two 40mm high-end piezo tweeters, achieving a frequency response of 2.5 kHz to 20 kHz. Fits most vehicles. Includes wires, installation hardware, and mounting straps.

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