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Bassface SPL69.1 1000w 6x9" Inch 15x23cm Coaxial 2Way Parcel Shelf Speakers Pair

RRP: £76.99
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Now shipping Version 2 of this product - It is highly unusual to find a properly high quality 2 way 6◊9 speaker these days. All too often manufacturers get lured in by the marketing guys asking for three, four or even ridiculous five way designs when in fact these multi-point sources and harsh (normally cheap alloy) tweeters simply ruin the sound. The Bassface 6◊9 is a true companion to the other coaxial drivers in our range, featuring a proper angle adjustable silk dome tweeter (bigger than its little brothers) that delivers flawless detail and clear, musical tone. The speakers also feature a genuine Bassface Tech-One woven composite cone Ė this ultra lightweight, super stiff cone delivers phenomel drum transients and with an appropriate amplifier they will hang on to the most demanding bassline without complaint.

Thompsons Ltd


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