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Bassface IndyXM6/4 6" 1x4Ohm SVC 220WRMS Professional High SPL Midrange Speaker Woofer Optimised For Custom Car Audio Installations

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Introducing the Indy XM Ė Developed in our own facility here in the UK by our new engineering team. Whilst this is a brand new design, we used the concept of the successful SPL8M.2S as a performance benchmark. In the event, we have smashed the brief, with the Indy XM outperforming the old model easily and in every way. Using carefully custom designed heavy duty cloth spiders tuned to each exact size we were able to develop for excellent reliability and performance while implementing measures to optimise the frequency response. The ultra-lightweight copper coated coil allows for a more musical and accurate sound with the integrated Faraday ring on the VC to smooth the response. Indy XM also features a dual roll treated cloth surround, a coated dimpled textured surface to the cone that acts to increase the effective piston area to move more air and a CNC machined bullet phase plug to further hone response. Dual oversize leads provide as much failsafe reliability as possible when pushed beyond the limit. These are great for small or large door builds in car, or they will delight in the studio in a 2 way mid top box with an appropriate tweeter and crossover. It is important to remember that this is a cloth surround midrange, not a subwoofer. If the speaker is installed in an enclosure we advise a sealed setup to avoid the excursion peak that affects ported enclosures. For keen enthusiasts looking for a lightweight and accurate sounding speaker the Indy XM offers tremendous bandwidth, musicality and surprisingly good mid bass performance. It also has excellent detailed documentation making it easy to set up and use even in more advanced projects. We are sure that the Indy XM will be a firm favourite in the line-up.

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