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Bassface SPL6M.3 6.5" 16.5cm 250w 4Ohm Midbass Driver Car Door Speaker Single

RRP: £27.99
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In a market where the customer demands everything with the best possible performance at the lowest possible price you had better be able to work efficiently as a business – we face this every day at Bassface and deal with it head on. Enter the SPL6M.3 – big on performance – easy on wallet. With the SPL6M.3 you get almost the same performance as the outstanding SPLM6.2 with a significant cost saving. For applications that demand 6.5” speakers without heavy modifications and where there are already tweeters built into the system these offer a significant woofer upgrade potential. Using a light and tough polypropylene cone with an attractive pearl white finish the specification of these speakers is very generous at this price point. Incredibly we have also managed to include a Butyl rubber surround for outstanding damping. The voice coils are vented to increase power handling and service life and the tinsel leads are stitched through the spider increasing the reliability of the speaker yet further. The pole piece is “bumped” which enables the voice coil to offer greater excursion and affords the driver a better bass response with less distortion at extremes of use. While these can be run with some success from a standard head unit we strongly recommend you use a suitable amplifier with minimum 50w RMS output (head units are normally 25w RMS or less) and a high pass filter set at about 50hz depending on application and installation.

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