Bassface POWER8.2 800w 8" Inch Active Under Seat Sub Bass Box With 8 Gauge Power Wiring & Twisted PRCA Phono Cable

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Some Say... If you need to add bottom end bass performance but lack the necessary space then an under-seat enclosure is an excellent option. Just like our last under seat subwoofer unit, this carries the hallmarks of a quality product in this product market. A solid extruded and machine solid aluminium chassis and metal coned driver unit.The POWER8.2 is identical form factor to the POWER8.1 predecessor, but features the addition of 2 passive radiators mounted on the long sides. These help to extend the low frequency output and increase the overall efficiency of the cabinet. Which, in turn leads to a modest increase in overall system output.The unit features a bass remote on a 5M cable so you can make adjustments to the subwoofer output on the fly for those tune that deserve an extra whomp! The amp section features a LPF low pass filter, a subsonic filter and bass boost.This active speaker also has an auto turn on function which is used with the high level (speaker level) audio inputs. This enables you to integrate it into OEM systems much easier as the unit turns on with audio signal and back off when the signal stops, without the need for a 12v remote feed from an aftermarket head unit. Don't forget, we have not stopped. Accompanied with our POWER8.1, we have our PWK8.1 and PRCA5.1 Wiring Kit and RCA. Our PWK8.1 kits combine our high quality, true gauge 15% Copper CCA Super flexible power cable, with a suitable fuse and fuse holder, 5m remote wire, terminals and accessories you need for a successful power install. Our cables feature an extremely flexible and very durable protective sheath enabling them to flex much more than more common traditional plastic. This makes it a lot easier to work with and helps provide a more durable and professional install. The fuse holders are all matched to the current handling of the cables and have features to protect the cable ends and enable good contact. 5m of blue remote wire and of course a 5m Bassface RCA cable, Our PRCA5.1 cables and interconnects feature 2 twisted pair cores of 10x0.12mm Pure OFC copper and the same very flexible insulation found across the wiring range. This approach offers a great balance between sound quality and interference rejection in the harsh mobile environment. Custom tooled slimline lightweight RCA connectors with gold plate finish offer good clamping force and great conductivity

Product Data

  • Bassface SKU : POWER8.2PACK
  • Product Category : Audio Package
  • Version : 1
  • Bassface Series : Classic Series
  • Barcode : 680044757162
  • Product Height mm : 65
  • Product Length mm : 345
  • Product Width mm : 250
  • Retail Carton L mm : 344
  • Retail Carton W mm : 250
  • Retail Carton H mm : 63
  • Warranty Months : 12
  • Sold As : Kit

Technical Highlights

  • Subwoofer : Adjustable Subsonic Filter
  • Adjustable Low Pass Filter
  • Auto Power on Facility
  • Phase Switch
  • Cabin Mounted Remote Control
  • Extruded High Density Aluminium Cabinet
  • Small Enclosure Optimised Subwoofer
  • Perfectly Matched Sub & Amp Combination
  • High Power Integrated DB Amplifier
  • T.D.O.S. Amplifier Protection Circuitry
  • O.P.S. Oversized Power Supply
  • Efficient MOSFET P.W.M. Design
  • Low THD Audiophile Components
  • Cool Blue Back-Lit Controls

Head Unit Data

Crossover Data

TS Parameters

Speaker Data

  • Single Speaker Max Power : 800
  • Single Speaker RMS Power : 400

Tweeter Data

Amplifier Data

  • Amplifier Signal To Noise Ratio db : >90
  • Amplifier LPF Hz : 50-150
  • Amplifier Subsonic Filter Hz : 20-50
  • Amplifier Topology : P.W.M
  • Amplifier Power Wire Input Gauge AWG : 8

Battery Data

Whats In The Box?

  • 1 x PWK8.1
  • 1 x PRCA5.1
  • 1 x POWER8.2
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