Bassface DB4.1 DB4.1 1600w Car Audio Amp Amplifier 2 Farad Power Cap Wiring Kit

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Our DB4.1PACK has been developed for our customers with price and performance in mind. It comes complete with all the Power you need to run your high powererd Components or Coaxial and even a Small Subwoofer. In the Package we have included our legendary DB4.1 which is featuring a detail overhaul the latest DB4.1 is the best yet. Offering the ability to run bridged as a 2, 3 or 4 channel product the DB4.1 is ideally suited to running as a system amp driving a woofer and front component system, or as a full range 4 channel unit driving front and rear speakers. The oversized power supply ensures clean and reliable bass reproduction whilst maintaining a wide frequency response for simultaneous full range use. The amplifier has great controls for each pair of channels, including high pass filters and independant level settings. On channels 3/4 there is also a variable low pass control. Our CAP2.1 Designed to add stability to the power supply in demanding applications, our neat 2 Farad capacitor features a clear digital voltage readout and chrome terminals. The product ships with mounting hardware to make installation simple. Adding a capacitor to your system will improve the bass response significantly, as well as tightening up the midbass performance and helping to minimise system distortion. Also, adding a cap should minimise the effects of bass on other vehicle functions such as lighting. (Note that this capacitor is not suitable for use in 24v nominal applications such as commercial vehicles) and of course we have included our official Bassface Wiring Kit PWK8.1 with a 5m Bassface RCA cable for complete power connectivity. Our PWK8.1 kits combine our high quality, true gauge 15% Copper CCA Super flexible power cable, with a suitable fuse and fuse holder, 5m remote wire, terminals and accessories you need for a successful power install. Our cables feature an extremely flexible and very durable protective sheath enabling them to flex much more than more common traditional plastic. This makes it a lot easier to work with and helps provide a more durable and professional install. The fuse holders are all matched to the current handling of the cables and have features to protect the cable ends and enable good contact. 5m of blue remote wire and of course a 5m Bassface RCA cable, Our PRCA5.1 cables and interconnects feature 2 twisted pair cores of 10x0.12mm Pure OFC copper and the same very flexible insulation found across the wiring range. This approach offers a great balance between sound quality and interference rejection in the harsh mobile environment. Custom tooled slimline lightweight RCA connectors with gold plate finish offer good clamping force and great conductivity

Product Data

  • Bassface SKU : DB4.1PACK
  • Product Category : Audio Package
  • Barcode : 617529407465
  • Warranty Months : 12
  • Sold As : Kit

Technical Highlights

  • Amplifier : Selectable Bass Boost Control
  • K3 Logic Circuit Super Wide 10hz-30khz Range
  • T.D.O.S. Amplifier Protection Circuitry
  • O.P.S. Oversized Power Supply
  • Up To 6V Ready Pre Amp Input Stage
  • Ultra Low THD Audiophile Components
  • Cast Aluminium Heatsink Body with rounded edges
  • Thermally Efficient Heatsink Coating
  • Variable Low Pass Crossover
  • Variable High Pass Crossover
  • Power Cap : Includes mounting straps width 124mm
  • 2 Farad Capacity with 24V DC Surge
  • Super Low ESR for Fast Charge/Discharge
  • Integrated Digital DC Voltmeter
  • Chromed Connectors
  • See-Thru Top Exposing Components

Head Unit Data

Crossover Data

TS Parameters

Speaker Data

Tweeter Data

Amplifier Data

  • Genuine Useable RMS Power, 4Ohm Bridge Watts : 160x2
  • Amplifier Frequency Response Hz : 10-30000
  • Amplifier Signal To Noise Ratio db : >98
  • Amplifier LPF Hz : 50-250
  • Amplifier HPF Hz : 120-3000
  • Amplifier Bass Boost Db : 6 or 12
  • Amplifier Boost Frequency Hz : 40
  • Amplifier Audio Signal Input Voltage V : 0.2-6
  • Amplifier Topology : Class A/B
  • Amplifier Fuse Rating Amps : 50
  • Amplifier Power Wire Input Gauge AWG : 8
  • Recommended Wiring Kit and Accessories : PWK8.1 RCA5.1
  • Minimum Recommend Final Load Per Channel Ohms : 4

Battery Data

Whats In The Box?

  • 1 x DB4.1
  • 1 x CAP2.1
  • 1 x PWK4.1
  • 1 x PRCA5.1
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