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Bassface SQ1.1 990w PC Control Class D Monoblock DSP Car Subwoofer Amplifier SQ

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The SQ1.1 is a powerful Class D monoblock, combined with the brain of a genius. This amp is capable of controlling your subwoofer with great authority despite compact dimensions. The 1500w RMS @ 2 Ohm figure is impressive in isolation but the sledgehammer transient response even in demanding musical passages must be heard to be appreciated. SQ1.1 is also equipped with a full on board digital signal processing pre amp, giving you fine control over crossover and EQ settings. The Bassface SQ series is the next generation amplifier solution; created with professional installers and audio enthusiasts in mind. Moving to digital provides completely repeatable adjustments and perfect accuracy, as well as on the fly adjustment and storage of settings. The design brief for the amps was to provide prodigious power, reliably, in a compact form whilst integrating the sound adjustment features found on top quality external processors. Additionally, the system had to be digitally programmable without having any analogue controls on the amplifier body. And we had to keep the price to a level that would still make the product relatively affordable. Equalizer: Full 31 band graphic equaliser with adjustable Q factor and .1db increments of level adjustment – independent for every single channel on the amplifier. Compares to hit and miss analogue sliders or limited source unit EQ’s with less than 10 bands of equalisation even on the very best head units. Crossover: Selectable full range/high pass/low pass/band-pass digital crossover with selectable slope up to 24 db/octave and at an incredible resolution of 1Hz! Allows optimal setup even for advanced 3 way speaker systems with band-passed mid range or mid-bass speakers. Time Delay: Each channel also has programmable time delay to equalise the sound arrival time at the drivers ears from each speaker and to minimise the impact of poor factory speaker positioning, maximising the quality of the sound imaging and staging. On the PC software the delay is selectable in cm or inches as well as milliseconds making data input a cinch (SQC.1 time delay in milliseconds only) Control: Programming is via either the (free to customers) Windows PC software or the (cost option) SQC.1 handheld programmer, depending on operator preference. With SQC.1 it is possible to have up to 2 amplifiers plugged in at once, permitting full system control from one programmer which could even be installed in the cabin at the driver’s fingertips. This is especially useful when taking advantage of the 5 system sound presets (per amplifier). The PC software is comprehensive and very nicely designed to allow user friendly control of all functions. Construction: The SQ amps are built into a chassis made from an alloy with an exceptional density – this provides excellent heat sink performance. It is very heavy and beautifully finished with a gun metal colour anodise. RCA terminals are ring bolted and the gold plated power and speaker terminals are all conveniently recessed on one side of the chassis for easy and neat installation.

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