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Bassface DSP8.1 31 Band P EQ DSP Crossover Time Alignment 8 Channel Processor

RRP: £349.99
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Boasting 8 output channels on RCA and 6 input channels via either High Level or RCA input as well as Optical Fibre input the DSP8.1 is an absolute processing genius. Controlled by PC software the unit offers a full 31 band EQ, both graphic and parametric. This features adjustable Q factor and gain of + and - 12db in steps of just 1 Hz! The Crossover module has adjustable elbows - you can select Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley or Bessel curves along with slopes from 12db to an astonishing 48db "brick wall" style crossover in steps of 6db! Time delay on every channel is adjustable, also, along with phase. There is an output level adjustment for every channel to prevent input clip, an adjustable noise gate and full input and output gain adjustment also. Finally the unit has a wired remote unit to select the 6 audio presets and adjust level. Along with all of this, the specificaton of the unit is very high, with an incredible set of numbers such as a Signal to Noise ratio in excess of 110db, THD of less than 0.002 % and possible pre out level of up to 13V! Truly we are seeing a digital product here for a digital age.

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