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Bassface DB2.2V2 3200w 2/1 Channel Bridgeable High Power Stereo Car Amplifier V2

RRP: £453.99
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Now shipping Version 2 of this product - DB2.2 is a power house 2 channel amplifier. Boasting over 500W RMS per channel into 4Ohms. This amp is quite a leap from the DB2.1 with totally different heatsink body and a much larger form factor. The DB2.2 has been designed to fulfil the needs of our competition customers. The amp has been built with SQ in mind over SPL. Although it develops extremely high power output, the electronics are all carefully selected and matched to give you an impressive 0.04% THD (Distortion) at full power on 4Ohm. So even at extreme output levels, the sound will be very clear and tonally balanced. We included steep 24db/oct LPF as well as HPF as the amp is so big it lends itself well to powering SQ subwoofer set ups, where the big bad digital amps fall short of giving that warmth you get from Class A/B. On that note, we also included a remote level control, as you would expect to get with a decent subwoofer amplifier. The internal power supply is overbuilt to enable the amp to work very hard without fatiguing other components and not drop below its rated output. When using this amplifier at maximum performance be sure to grant adequate cooling - this monster draws enormous current and produces enormous power!

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