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Millers CVL Turbo 5792KB (Valve Lubricant & Combustion Enhancer) ? 500ml

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Millers Oils CVL Turbo (Valve Lubricant & Combustion Enhancer) Ė 500ml A valve seat lubricant and combustion enhancer that protects against valve seat recession, adds up to 4 octane numbers to base fuel. CVL Turbo also provides flame front control allowing engines to run more advanced ignition timing, without danger of pre-ignition or detonation. Enables older engines to run on modern unleaded fuel, and is equally effective in modern engines fitted with knock sensors and catalytic converters. APPLICATION: One bottle (500ml) to 20 litres (maximum) unleaded petrol for all motorsport applications. Precise treatment levels should be determined by test bed experimentation.

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