Lexus IS200 2.0 PP1562 Pipercross Induction Panel Air Filter Kit

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Pipercross panel filters are a product that is quite unique in the car maintenance market - a direct replacement, high performance, high flow air filter, that drops straight in to your OEM air filter box. No modifications needed and does not void manufacturers warranty. They offer 30% more air flow over standard paper filters. The extra unrestricted air flow decreases fuel consumption and increases power and torque output by aiding a more efficient and complete burn of the fuel in the chamber. The layered multi-density mixture of foam technology gives unparalleled level of engine protection from dirt particles. Lifetime warranty - Pipercross filters are washable and come with a lifetime warranty, so once you invest in one, your car will never need a replacement filter again! Saving the environment and your money.

Product Data

  • Model: PP1562
  • Sold As: Single
  • Weight: 1500 (g)

Key points

  • Length: 334mm
  • Width: 165mm
  • Lifetime Warranty - Never buy an air filter again!
  • Increased Performance & Efficiency - Decreased Emissions
  • Direct Replacement - Hassle Free Fitting

More Data

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  • Fram Code:
  • Mann & Hummel Code:
  • K&N Code: 33-2845

Whats In The Box?

More Detail and Summary

Pipercross has been making high performance air filters for the motor sport and domestic markets for over 25 years. Based in Northampton, England Pipercross is situated in the country along with some of the biggest names in motorsport engine design and manufacture in the world. In these 25 years our high performance filters have helped many race teams win major championships on the British, European and World stage. The development work carried out whilst dealing with these teams has enabled us to produce some of the most technologically advanced filters on the market. The flexibility of Pipercross's production plant enables us to produce one off bespoke air filters quickly and cost effectively. From the latest WRC cars to a 2CV competition car, Pipercross can design and produce an air filter that can meet and exceed your specifications.

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