Streetwize SWFE1G Automotive Car Van 1Kg Abc Fire Extinguisher Single

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Dry Powder Will Be Most Effective On Any Fire Where The Burning Produces Flame Fronts As In Liquids And Gases. [Class B And C-Swfebc]. It Is Suggested When Faced With A Fire With Class C Components, Only Extinguish If Total Isolation Of The Gas Supply Can Take Place (Swfe1-Swfe1G-Swfe2G). Dry Powders Are Known For Their ?Rapid Flame Knockdown? Properties. Dry Powder Can Also Be Used On Electrical Fires As Powder Is Not A Conductor Of Electricity

Product Data

  • Model Number: SWFE1G
  • UPC-EAN: 5026637607714
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Sold As: Single
  • Brand: Streetwize
  • Weight: 1000 (g)

Product Features

  • Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers With Fitting Bracket Included
  • These Fire Extinguishers Are In Accordance To En3 & CE0062 Standards
  • Classifications Of Fires
  • Class A Will Extinguish Fires Involving Combustible Solid Items Such As Wood, Plastics, Paper
  • Class B Will Extinguish Fires Involving Flammable Fuels-Liquids Such As Petrol, Diesel, Oil Paraffin
  • Class C Will Extinguish Fires Involving Flammable Gases Such As Acetylene, Lpg, Natural Gas

Whats In The Box?

  • Fire Extinguisher

Safety / Technical Information

Thompsons Ltd


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