Castrol 15511D Chain Racing Lube Oil 400ml

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Product Data

  • Brand: Castrol
  • Model: 15511D
  • UPC: 4008177098024
  • Sold As: 400ml
  • Weight: 359 (g)

Key points

  • Forms a long lasting, dry-type semi transparent lubricating film with outstanding resistance to high speed fling and water wash-off
  • Special anti-wear technology ensures minimal chain elongation and sprocket wear under high load and speed operation
  • Low friction coating on all chain components reduces operating temperature extending chain's useful life
  • Offers superior protection from metal corrosion resulting from humidity and salt
  • Test Typical Data Density @ 20C, Kg-dm 0.811 Flash point, C <0

More Data

  • Volume 400ml

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