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Renovo RHRBLA5001115 Car Cleaning Detailing Renovo Soft Top Reviver Black

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At Renovo International Limited we are continually striving to produce excellent quality products, together with exceptional customer service. Renovo is well renowned for our prestigious range of six car care products suitable for use on fabric and vinyl soft tops. These have proved to be highly effective in their application, so much so that some are used in widely diverse marketplaces such as marine, aeronautics, and awning restorations to name just a few. Renovo’s unique Reviver range, our flagship product, is our widely acclaimed colour reviver for fabric soft tops, it is available in Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Brown and Dark Red/Burgundy to match your car; whether it's an Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, MG, TVR, Porsche or Jaguar. Renovo built on the escalating success of Reviver by adding Plastic Window Polish, Fabric Soft Top Cleaner, Ultra Proofer, Vinyl Soft Top Cleaner and Vinyl Soft Top Ultra Proofer to the range. Customer feedback and Renovo distributor requests, over recent years, have suggested that dedicated users of Renovo’s existing quality range of soft top products would like it to be complimented by an equally superior range of products for use on the interior of one’s prized possession. With this in mind Renovo have recently added a new range of products for use on the interior surfaces of one’s vehicle, these include black Carpet Reviver, Carpet Ultra Proofer, Interior Ultra Proofer, black Leather Reviver and Leather Ultra Proofer. These additions to the Renovo range are all very simple to use, have fantastic “new car” and “new leather” fragrances, and they contain UV inhibitors and offer protection against “super-bugs” too!

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