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Stoner ST-IGRA Invisible Glass Car Van Crystal Clear Windscreen Cleaner Rain Repellant

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This 2-in-1 formula combines the #1 selling automotive glass and windshield cleaner with a powerful hydrophobic coating. A single application creates a long-lasting barrier to quickly shed rain, sleet, and snow from glass. The Invisible Glass Clear Dry® formula contains no streaky soaps, scents, dyes, or other additives that leave behind residues. Residues cling to glass surfaces and form streaks. Invisible Glass Clean & Repel is easy to use – no need to remove and reapply the coating as with many other brands. Rain repellent coating is long lasting so you can clean your auto glass as often as needed. Invisible Glass is the #1-selling glass cleaner for cleaning car windows and auto detailing. Many glass cleaning products contain soaps, scents, dyes, and other additives that leave residues on glass. Residues form streaks and attract grime to the surface. This build up may damage tints and finishes

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