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Q Oil Q90/S Industrial Automotive Q90 Solvent Hand Wipes Single

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The cleaning wipe is an ultra-modern process, for fast and easy hand cleaning, in whatever place without water, without rinsing, without drying, without residue. The cleaning wipe has been developed from organic solvents with a high-quality detergent, together with an abrasive wipe (but not scratchy), which ensures a high cleaning power without any danger for epidermis. As well as ordinary dirt, the cleaning wipe is also ef cient against heavy greases, lubricants, adhesive, oil, tar, sludge, bitumen, fresh paints, inks, wax and many more persistent stains, such as charcoal, graphite and grass spots. The cleaning wipes can be used on smooth surfaces, such as computers, copying machine, fax machine, white boards, car interior, rims, machines. Efficient on hands, the cleaning wipe also enables a fast scrubbing of any smooth and nonporous surfaces (tools, mechanic parts, counter top, car body). The cleaning wipe bene ts from a classi cation among cosmetics.

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