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Q Oil Q60400/S Industrial Automotive Q60 Silicone 400ml Single

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Q60 is a unique silicone spray which repels moisture and waterproofs all surfaces. Ideal for waterproo ng tents/ fabrics, lubricates switchgear and prevents arcing. Q60 is a non-staining lubricant for clips, hinges, rubber bushes and plastic ttings making it ideal for use on cars. Inhibits corrosion and prevents ď ash overĒ in polluted atmosphere. Q60 may be used as a dashboard protector. NOT for use on computer keyboards. Q60ís unique difference to other silicone sprays is that it has a 60% silicone oil content, making it one of the highest quality silicone sprays youíll nd on the market. As with all our aerosols it has the 360 ? valve to enable the can to be used upside down to stop just the gas coming out and the can being left with product in at the end of the life of it. It gives peace of mind that if you press the button on top, product is released, even when you cannot see the can in a tight spot.

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