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Hammerite 5092952 Underbody Seal With Waxoyl Black 1l Litre Single

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Hammerite Underbody Seal provides protection to a range of problems that your car will face out on the road. Containing Waxoyl, it requires one coat to give heavy duty protection for areas that are most prone to abrasion and high impact making it an ideal product for wheel arches, floor panels and other underbody areas. The non-drip super smooth application protects against stones, water and salt, thus prolonging your vehicle's life. It also reduces drumming and road noise if applied inside door panels and under floor panels. Furthermore, Underbody Seal provides excellent corrosion resistance. The powerful rust inhibitors based on the proven Waxoyl system displace moisture and seal the surface against further corrosion to give long lasting protection. Free from gritty and abrasive particles, it will remain flexible meaning it will not crack or peel. Comes in a 500ml tin. The Hammerite range is designed to protect metalwork from humidity, rain and rust

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