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Rust Remover Convertor One Coat Krust Killer Hammerite Treatment 250ml Single

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There is no worse feeling than seeing a rough, orange surface on your car that was once graced by a coat of paint. With British weather guaranteeing rain during all four seasons of the year, your car may already be showing the signs of rusted bodywork. However, rather than go through the costly inconvenience of replacing the panel, Hammerite can provide you a solution. Hammerite Kurust is ideal for small patches of rust. It converts rusty metal to a clean surface in 15 minutes, allowing virtually any topcoat to be applied in 3 hours. Simply apply with a brush and watch the Kurust formula turn blue/black as it reacts with the rust. No undercoat or primer is required. Comes in a 250ml bottle. The Hammerite range is designed to protect metalwork from humidity, rain and rust.

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