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Car Garage Fob Battery Replacement Coin Cell 3v Wotnotts PWN635 Single

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Modern cars and even vans seem to have keys which require a battery for them to operate. From activating the car alarm, to opening the boot, modern vehicle keys require more and more battery power. Prices for replacements by the manufactures can be extortionate and making sure the battery you buy is of good quality can be a difficult task. The Pearl Wot Nots' PWN635 car alarm battery is a CR1620 Lithium coin cell battery for compatible car keys and other devices. Pearl has managed to make a make a battery which not only is afFordable, but also of a premium quality to ensure it lasts. With 3 volts of power, that battery is able to supply sufficient power to any compatible car key. It is also suitable for other compliable products like watches, calculators, photo cameras and some remote controls. Pearl has established a reputation over the years for delivering high quality products. With recent expansions into a more diverse product portfolio of automotive products, its established Wot Nots' brand is still thriving. Pearl boasts a product portfolio in excess of 4000 part numbers, with ranges covering anything from replacement parts to workshop consumables.

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