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Car Aircon R1234YF Air Con Air Conditioning Leak Stopper Stop Fix Seal AC Repair

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This special R1234YF compatible leak stopper is one of a kind and saves A LOT of money in diagnostics. As time goes on systems lose coolant pressure as the seals and O rings start to shrink causing performance loss and the need to frequently top up the system. Our YELLOW label leak stopper is specially formulated to recondition those seals saving garage expenses. Simply connect to the low pressure side of your vehicle via our R1234YF charging hose available separately (Part No: AIRCONHOSE_PURPLE.) Deploy the contents of the can into the system and check to make sure the compressor kicks in and out. Check pressure achieved and allow that to sit over the course of a few hours. If all is well you have repaired the leak and you can continue with our PURPLE label top up cans to the correct pressure. If the system does not hold pressure then you have diagnosed a more serious mechanical leak for the cost of the can, rather than garage labour. It is worth noting that our can is environmentally friendly and can be vented to atmosphere without infringement of the F Gas regulations. Also since our leak stopper contains a small amount of propellant it is possible to use a YELLOW label can to perk up and condition a slighly low system that doesnt require a full PURPLE can topup. Because R1234YF systems generally hold less coolant than the older systems, we have found that they have a tendancy to lose performance quicker over time, because the lost coolant represents a greater percentage of the total. This makes the YELLOW label sealant a very powerful tool to maintain peak performance.

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