Car Aircon Air Con Air Conditioning Leak Stopper Leakstopper 3 x Gas Can Pack

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This is the cheapest way to proceed when you suspect that you are losing gas due to a leak. Add the product via the low side port adaptor and suitable hose - this will attempt to pressurise the system enough to start your compressor. The special leak sealing properties of the product will re-condition shrunken seals and O rings giving an excellent chance of repairing the leak for good. If the system does not hold pressure then you will likely still have spent less to diagnose your more serious fault yourself than you would have by going into a garage in the first place! In the majority of cases the repair will be successful and you are then able to add a can of our air con topup gas to complete the job. Simply connect this can of product to your air con system using a suitable hose (available in our store) and begin to repair your system's leak

Product Data

  • UPC-EAN: 617529407632
  • Warranty: 12 Months* Please See Conditions further down
  • Sold As: Kit
  • Brand:
  • Size: 336 Grams Total
  • Weight: 1500 (g)

Product Features

  • Fast and Easy Aircon Top Up
  • Repairs 99% of Leaks around seals and O Rings
  • Repairs and Conditions Seals and O Rings
  • For use with R134 Systems ONLY

Whats In The Box?

  • 3 x Aircon Leak Fix Cans

Safety / Technical Information

  • This will not fix all leaks. This is intended to repair most leaks around seals and 'o' rings - If you find your leak has not been repaired you may have a more technical problem and would be advised to seek a Aircon Specialist
  • We do have a returns policy open on this product. This would mean the can has to be unopened and not pierced. If you have pierced the can its deemed as used and would not be able to be returned for a refund. We would only accept returns on Air Con Products which are not required or not compatible
  • Please note that this product can't be used without the correct Charging Hose, Sold Seperately, please contact us if unsure
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