Millers Oils MIL6205KB Automotive 500ml Petrol Fuel Power Eco Max Fuel Additive

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An octane booster and detergent package adding 2 octane numbers to unleaded fuel

/For use in all petrol engines. By addition to fuel in the ratio 1 part to 1000 parts (1ml/l).

Product Data

  • Brand: Millers Oils
  • Model: MIL6205KB
  • Sold As: 500ml
  • Weight: 538 (g)

Key points

  • Increases octane rating of fuel by 2 numbers. Improved efficiency and cleanliness of petrol injectors and carburettor jets
  • Efficient detergent package to clean and maintain as new conditions within the engine and fuel system. Reduces combustion chamber deposits and improves inlet manifold and valve cleanliness
  • Reduces emissions of hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon dioxide. Maintains catalyst efficiency and may invigorate catalytic convertors
  • Tests show sharper performance, smoother running engines and improved fuel consumption

Whats In The Box?

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