Millers Oils MIL6204KB Automotive 500ml Diesel Fuel Power Eco Max Fuel Additive

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High specification diesel fuel treatment for enhanced combustion efficiency and engine cleanliness, with improved detergency and lubricity enhancers

/For use in all diesel vehicles including Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI compliant engines with or without DPF. By addition to fuel in the ratio 1 part to 1000 parts (1ml/l). May also be used at double strength for additional performance

Product Data

  • Model Number: MIL6204KB
  • UPC-EAN: 5024081620433
  • Sold As: Single
  • Brand: Millers Oils
  • Size: 500ml
  • Weight: 566 (g)

Product Features

  • Fuel treatment suitable for all diesel engines providing a tangible improvement in vehicle performance and enhanced fuel economy
  • Increases Cetane rating of diesel by 4 numbers. Engine smoothness, noise reduction and fuel savings confirmed by users
  • Improved combustion and engine cleanliness drastically reduces emissions of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide
  • Improved throttle response at lower revs designed to offer the best of both power and economy
  • Enhanced detergency package and lubricity enhancers provide a quicker clean up, prolonged injector cleanliness, fuel system component wear protection and corrosion control
  • Ideal for use as a pre test clean up treatment
  • Improved fuel combustion reduces particulates, reducing the risk of DPF blockage and costly repairs

Whats In The Box?

  • Millers Oils 500ml Diesel Fuel Power Eco Max Fuel Additive

Safety / Technical Information

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