Hycote 400ml Workshop Belt Slip

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A large number of engines relay on pulleys and belts in order to operate. However, because of this reliance they are put under a large amount of strain which could lead to big problems and expensive repairs. This is where Hycote comes in with their belt slip products to prolong the life of belts and conveyors. The formulation gives a high polymer tacky coating for prevention of slips which will enable an instant increase in transmission power. It reduces energy consumption and is resistant to oxidation. Comes in a 400ml can. Hycote has manufactured automotive paint, paint care and maintenance products since 1982. The company first developed products for use in car racing before quickly extending these ranges to cover full paint and maintenance repairs.

Product Data

  • Model Number: XUK301
  • UPC-EAN: 5011807001058
  • Sold As: Single
  • Brand: Hycote
  • Size: 400ml
  • Weight: 328 (g)

Product Features

  • Hycote Belt Slip
  • Anti-Slip Compound for Belt Drives
  • Prevents Slippage
  • Prolongs Belt Life and Quietens Noise

Whats In The Box?

  • 400ml Hycote Belt Slip

Safety / Technical Information

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