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Granville GRA1427 10K Boost Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

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Todayís generation of car diesel engines may be more powerful and efficient than ever before, but they still need constant care and attention if they are to maintain their peak performance levels. To get the best out of your engine, you need to use the best tools and cleaners and Granvilleís 10k Boost range is no exception. Granville 10k Boost Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner cleans the diesel particulate filters quickly and effectively. All you need to do is add it to your fuel tank and thatís it. No extra time is wasted going to a garage or waiting for the treatment to work as it is doing its jobs while you drive your vehicle. From reducing particulate emissions, to expanding the filters lifespan, Granville have created an excellent product to help with diesel vehicles. Granville are manufactures of high quality lubricants and automotive chemicals. Granville have a wide range of products and brands which enables them to utilise their knowledge and expertise to create innovate and quality products. With over 40 year knowledge within the market, this UK based manufacture develops and keeps up with the dynamic paced automotive industry.

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