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DS18 ZXI15.4D 15" High Excursion Car Audio Subwoofer 2000W DVC 4 Ohm 4 Magnets

RRP: £410.99
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DS18 ZXI15.4D High Excursion 15" Car Audio Subwoofer 2000W Watts 4-Ohm DVC Quad Stacked Magnets Experience bass like never before with DS18ís ZXI15.4D: the ultimate subwoofer for enthusiasts who crave thunderous bass! The ZXI subline is renowned for its high excursion capabilities, and the ZXI15.4D is no exception. This subwoofer handles wattage as high as 2000W while delivering smooth ultra-low frequency responses. The ZXI15.4Dís lower than normal FS (Resonant Frequency), allows it to excel in larger boxes with lower tuning. Whether you prefer sealed or ported boxes, the ZXI15.4D will excel in both, giving you the flexibility to optimize placement in any vehicle. Itís dual 4-ohm configuration and 3-inch voice coils, makes the ZXI15.4D a force to be reckoned with. Handling a staggering 1000W RMS power and 2000W of MAX power, ensuring you get the full potential out of your system. The large foam surround and non-pressed paper cone work in perfect harmony, delivering crisp, smooth bass that permeates every corner of your vehicle. The ZXI15.4D goes beyond raw power and precision. It features a strong stamped basket adorned with show-quality DS18 logos on the frame, magnet boot, magnet, and dust cap. The quad stacked magnets on the ZXI15.4D offer a multitude of benefits, including increased magnetic field strength, improved power handling, enhanced cone control, higher excursion capabilities, greater durability, and superior heat dissipation. Not only will it impress your ears, but it will also outlast any vehicle. This subwoofer is designed to provide you with crisp and clear bass for years to come. Immerse yourself in bass that is both thunderous and refined, thanks to DS18's commitment to quality and innovation.

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