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Bassface Indy A10/4 10" 4Ohm SVC 250w RMS Quality Built Subwoofer- Sealed Enclosure

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The Indy A was desigend to offer a great sounding subwoofer that be as easy to use as possible. Many prototypes were made and modified along with a tremendous amount of reliability testing undertaken to ensure outstanding longevity. Using custom designed coils and multiple spiders tuned to each exact size and model we were able to develop for excellent performance whilst providing as much protection as possible against beginner mistakes such as accidental distortion, over driving and non-optimal box design. The motor venting has been carefully designed to offer the best balance between noise reduction and cooling efficiency. The high roll surround was chosen to allow peak excursion whilst maintaining good cone area. In normal use the surround will not be moved to maximum limits, helping to improve longevity. The Indy A is designed to be used in a sealed enclosure and the product includes detailed plans for a suggested box project. The speaker must not be used in a free air or infinite baffle installation. The design of this woofer ensures compatibility with a huge range of amplifiers, even those where power ratings are many times that of the woofer. This is because we rate at true continuous power, whereas many amplifiers are rated at some kind of crazy ďmaximumĒ levels. True continuous power ratings! Itís the future! In use, our woofer is incredibly forgiving and has the ability to handle high power bursts far greater than our listed burp power, providing that the power is clean. For keen enthusiasts looking for a lightweight and accurate sounding woofer the Indy A offers tremendous bandwidth, musicality and surprisingly good deep bass performance. It also has excellent detailed documentation making it easy to set up and use, as well as allowing the construction of more advanced enclosure projects. We firmly believe that this is one of the best subwoofers in its class - itís the entry level woofer that behaves like an expert!

Thompsons Ltd


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