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DS18 Car Amp Monoblock 650w Watt Audio Amplifier Monoblock ATOM1 Full Range

RRP: £178.99
Exclusive Website Price Offer not available in store

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If the NXL line is still too big for you? We have another answer for the crowd that demands an even smaller footprint. The DS18 ATOM line of amps literally fit in the palm of your hand and put out power that rival amps 4-5 times their size. These amps are perfect for projects that have almost no room for audio equipment but still require the freedom of loud and clear music that makes heads turn. Coming in black and white, its easy to match amp color to accent all your other accessories. This tiny power packed mini amp series comes in 3 types, ATOM2, ATOM4, and ATOM1 which reflect their number of channels respectively. With these amps you can literally put 6 amps together and still be smaller than a standard sized amp but have 6 times the power at your fingertips!

Thompsons Ltd


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