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Car Aircon Air Con Conditioning Leak Fix Seal Stop DIY Refill Regas Tool Gas Kit

RRP: £44.99
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This kit is the cheapest way to proceed when your air con system is empty and you suspect that you are losing gas due to a leak. Using the supplied hose, add the product via the low side port adaptor. This will attempt to pressurise the system enough to start your compressor. The special leak sealing properties of the product will re-condition shrunken seals and O rings giving an excellent chance of repairing the leak for good. If the system does not hold pressure then you will likely still have spent less to diagnose your more serious fault yourself than you would have by going into a garage in the first place! In the majority of cases the repair will be successful and you are then able to add a can of our air con topup gas to complete the job.

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