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Car Aircon Air Con Regas DIY Kit With Leakstopper and High / Low Port Adaptor

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Re-gassing your vehicle aircon system is no longer difficult - with this fantastic system almost anyone can replace the air conditioning gas and get back peak performance and freshness. It connects simply to the low pressure air con port of the vehicle making it ideal for DIY use. The product does not fall within the scope of the F Gas regulations - the gas is not R134a. Instead it is a compatible product that can be added directly to vehicles previously filled with R134a . Most cars manufactured after 1994 were filled with R134a from new so our system is compatible with a huge range of official and unoffically imported vehicles. We list cars that are older than 1994 - some were R134a filled and some were R12 so if you are buying for a vehicle older than 1994 please check to make sure your particular example is running on R134a either from the factory or having being retro converted (most have been by now). Note that this kit also contains the adaptor to fit the High Pressure valve on Low Pressure side fitment common on many Renault (and other) cars. This Kit also contains a can of Leakstopper Product 3.95oz / 112g Custom Hydrocarbon Refill (equivalent to 300g of R134a) which should be used first to recondition seals and attempt repair of small leaks.

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