Ring Automotive RBGDC15 12V 24V In Car Hd 1.5" Mini Dash Camera Single

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Insurance fraud costs honest policy holders almost £400m each year - and incidents such as "crash for cash" are increasing. You can help reduce your risk - with a dash camera. Our range will record the action on the road, giving you vital evidence, and come with easy to use features like loop recording and simple installation

Product Data

  • Brand: Ring Automotive
  • Model: RBGDC15
  • Weight: 186 (g)

Key points

  • The 120° degree lens captures the action - providing evidence if there is an accident, reducing your risk of insurance fraud, and, in some cases, even cutting down your insurance costs
  • Easy to install, set up and use
  • The device automatically turns itself on when you start your car, and off again when you stop the engine ? meaning it won?t drain your battery once you?ve parked up
  • Loop recording continuously captures footage, overwriting old files with no manual changes to make
  • No need to worry about important files though ? you can choose to lock the ones you want to keep

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