DS18 CAP50 Car Audio 50 Farad Extreme Capacitor with Digital Voltage Display

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Today's car audio amplifiers need huge amounts of current. Often the vehicle's electrical system is unable to provide it. With your car's air conditioning running, the factory charging system may already be operating at 70% of full capacity. When a big bass note hits, or you are playing your system very loud, there may not be enough energy to reproduce all of the music making it to your system, and you may come up short. A capacitor Stores current. Its super low internal resistance allows it to give up that current extemely fast, as quick as your amplifier needs it. As soon as the capacitor discharges power, it will recharge itsel in less than one second.

Product Data

  • Brand: DS18
  • Model: CAP50
  • UPC: 663593058881
  • Sold As: Single
  • Weight: 1058 (g)

Key points

  • 50 Farad Extreme Ion Capacitor Station
  • Amplifier Style Housing
  • Digital Voltage-Amperage Display
  • 0GA and 4GA Amplifier Style Input-Output Terminals
  • Automatically Alarms when the Voltage is Aboive 17.5V and Under 10V.

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