Valvoline 691342 Synpower Fe Sae 0W-30 4 Litre

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Established for more than a century and serving more than 100 countries, Valvoline is the worlds number one automotive lubricant manufacturer. In Motorsport Valvoline is used by top teams who rely on peak performance and consistency mile after make, race after race in the most arduous conditions imaginable. Valvoline performance can come to your own road or track too with a range of applications to meet and exceed the most stringent vehicle manufacturers specifications and give improved performance and safety margin for your engine. If you insist on the best make sure you're powered by Valvoline.

Specially formulated for use in cars and light trucks and vans, including petrol, diesel, and LPG engines, where a 0W-30 is recommended. For vehicles operating in cold conditions.

Product Data

  • Brand: Valvoline
  • Model: 691342
  • Sold As: 4 Litre
  • Weight: 4000 (g)

Key points
  • Find your Right Oil -
  • SAE viscosity grade 0W-30
  • /
  • ACEA A5/B5
  • /
  • ACEA A1/B1
  • /
  • API: SL/CF

More Data

  • Volvo 95200377
  • Ultimate protection and performance SynPower engine oil is formulated with the highest quality base oils and latest additives to ensure ultimate protection and performance under all operating conditions. Designed to fulfill the latest standards of leading engine manufacturers.timate protection and performance
  • Engine cleanliness Keeps engine extremely clean by minimizing deposits.
  • Fuel Economy Low viscosity and special additives result in maximum reduction of friction which results in a lower fuel consumption.
  • Excellent cold start performance Instant oil flow at low temperatures provides easy cold starts and optimal lubrication within seconds after ignition.
  • Wear protection Provides ultimate protection against wear under all operating conditions

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