Armorall CLO10017EN Car Cleaning Interior Cockpit Dashboard Protectant Matt 300ml

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It all started in 1962 with a “miracle formula” created by a not-so-mad scientist to protect rubber, plastic, and vinyl from UV radiation and ozone. Today, with over 50 years of innovation, we’re proud to be the industry leader with a vast array of car care products

Automotive designs have changed dramatically over the years. Shapes have become more sleek and windscreens more angled in an effort to conserve fuel with less wind drag. Under all that angled glass, however, is a larger dashboard area and more direct sun on the dashboard. Armor All has addressed this situation by extending the Protectant line with Armor All Semi-Matt Protectant. The easy to use product helps to reduce windscreen glare, yet still gives consumers a deep matt shine with the same excellent protective qualities of the regular Armor All formula. Armor All Semi-Matt Protectant is designed to slow the natural deterioration of surfaces such as vinyl, rubber, plastic, treated leather and sealed wood.

Product Data

  • Brand: Armorall
  • Model: CLO10017EN
  • Sold As: 300ml
  • Weight: 376 (g)

Key points

  • Cleans by removing the grime that can erode the surface of vehicles
  • Protects surfaces by guarding against fading and discolouration
  • Retains the suppleness of the surface to help prevent cracking due to expansion and contraction
  • Restores the original shine and colour of the surface
  • Can be used in many non-automotive applications

More Data

  • Vehicle Interior:
  • Dashboard
  • Trim
  • Leather and vinyl seats
  • Rubber seals
  • Plastic and wood trim
  • Door panels and more
  • Vehicle Exterior:
  • Tyre sidewalls
  • Bumpers
  • Vinyl convertible hoods
  • Door mouldings and more
  • Shake well beofre use.
  • Apply liberally to a clean cloth and spread evenly, or spray directly onto the surface (see Attention).
  • Wipe off excess.
  • Apply as needed to maintain surface appearance and protection.
  • Armor All Protectant Semi-Matt can also be applied by spraying directly onto the surface, and then wiping a cloth across the surface. It works best when given time to penetrate. After a few minutes, the liquid will evaporate, leaving behind the active ingredients to protect and beatify the surface. If desired, light buffing with a dry cloth will remove any excess product

Whats In The Box?

More Detail and Summary

Use only as directed. Not for use on glass (this may cause smearing), or paintwork, fabric, woven materials or floors (may cause slipping). Do not use on tyre tread, vehicle controls (steering wheels, pedals, gear levers), bench or cycle seats, cycle tyres, brake drums, and other surfaces where slipperiness may be hazardous



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