Pyramid USA TW57 5" Titanium Car Heavy Duty Bullet Horn Tweeter 1000w Single

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If you are looking for the ultimate tweeter, you have found it. These bad boys handle a truly insane 1000w max. They have an awesome 109db sensitivity, meaning you will get more out of them with less power. So if you drive them at full power these will melt you eardrums! These are the bigger brother of the TW44's, a popular super size tweeter. Get these hooked up to some decent power (actively crossed over would be best of course) and you will be astonished with the crisp and detailed highs that just pour out of these speakers. A truly amazing product and a great choice for any serious SPL system. Amp Requirements: These tweeters are best amped on a traditional 2 Channel amp. Minimum 100w RMS is advised - many people do not realise under powering a speaker will kill it very quickly! It will run very happily on 150w RMS and will take up to 250w RMS without problem (Just don't forget, high frequency, high volume, for long durations WILL damage your hearing)

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