Bass Face 12" 30cm 2500w Car Audio Subwoofers SQ SPL Competition Pair Subs

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Here we have a fantastic seasonal offer for you - A pair of the legendary Bass Face SPL12.2 with huge discount! Thats right 2 x SPL12.2! Make some noise this year!

Utilising the very best in tried and tested high Performance technologies, the SPL12.2 is an all round sub with extremes of Performance in every aspect. Formidable Power Handling and SPL capabilities, coupled with incredible sound quality and response characteristics. This sub represents the culmination of years of exPerience and knowledge, with all the components carefully selected for Power, quality and reliability. The non pressed paPer cone is lightweight, rigid and sensitive, as we all (should) know, this is the best material for SQ and SPL alike. The incredibly resilient and strong black weave spider holds the voice coil in place excellently, giving precise linear control over the coil former. Coupled with the oversized stitched surround, they provide complete control over the moving motor assembly. The insulated Tinsel leads are “over under” woven through the spider for ultimate longevity. The Basket should look familiar to car audio enthusiasts. It is an attractive, tried and tested cast SPL basket. Revered by manufacturers for its excellent strength, minimal resonance, low weight and low basket surface area. The low surface area presents less air resistance to the back of the cone, translating into a more accurate response as it allows the cone to move more freely. A favourable characteristic also present in the SPL series components. The 3? oversize voice coil is designed to support the copPer winding under extreme force, as well as dissipate the heat from the coil helped by the subs forced air cooling system. This sub has the competition running scared with similar specification products costing over double the price or more, than this truly amazing piece of speaker engineering.

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