Bassface SPL6M.2 300w 6.5" 16.5cm 4Ohm Midbass Woofer Single

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Now with increased cone area for increased output and low end response. Featuring Tech-One woven cones so stiff and lightweight that they have to be touched to be believed and a Super high density ceramic magnet these drivers are guaranteed to blow your perception of value performance. The sound quality from the SPL6M.2 is still highly musical considering the power handling on tap. Conveniently supplied with grilles for an easy installation too. The SPL6M.2 can also be used by advanced installers as an ultra compact subwoofer in the correct circumstances. We have recently revised the basket design of the SPL6M.2 enabling us to add an extra 10mm of cone diameter. This new design feature gives the SPL6M.2 better low end bass performance. The new basket also makes for an easier and smarter fit across all vehicle and project types.

Prototype ? Along with the SPL.1 speakers, we had a woven cone 6.5? Mid Bass / Midrange speaker made. With a large magnet and composite phase plug. V1 ? The V1 was a tremendous success and worked exactly as intended. However fitment was a nuisance to some installers as with the SPL6C.1. V2 ? The basket was changed along with all the 6.5? speakers with pressed steel chassis. This enables larger cone and easier fitting, from Q3 2015

Product Data

  • Brand: Bass Face Car Audio
  • Model: SPL6M.2.4
  • UPC: 608938356499
  • Sold As: Single
  • Bass Face Series: Classic Series
  • Version: 2
  • Weight: 2710 (g)
  • Product Width: (mm)

Key points

  • Tech-One White Woven Composite Cone
  • Progressive Anti Resonant ABS Bullet Phase Plug
  • 1.5" Heavy Duty Aluminium Voice Coil
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Basket
  • Super High Density Ceramic Magnet

More Data

  • Multi Layer Aluminium Voice Coil
  • Aerospace Grade Rubber Surround Suspension
  • Optimised for High Performance Mid Bass
  • Supplied With High Quality Grille
  • Can Function as Compact Enclosure Subwoofer - for advanced installers only
  • *for advanced installers only
  • Full Max Power : 300
  • Full RMS Power : 150
  • Speaker Overall Diameter With Grilles (mm) : 175
  • Speaker Overall Diameter (mm) : 165
  • Speaker Magnet Diameter (mm) (Including Magnet Protector Where Applicable) : 115
  • Speaker Installation Cutout Diameter (mm) : 135
  • Speaker Grille Depth (mm) : 18
  • Speaker Overall Depth (mm) : 67
  • Speaker Mounting Depth (mm) : 60
  • Speaker Front Protrusion From Mounting Plane (mm) : 7
  • Speaker Frequency Response (Hz) (Indicative Of Usable Range But Not Suitability) : 40-10000
  • Speaker Impedance (Ohm) (Nominal) : 4
  • Recommended Cable : PSC16.2

Whats In The Box?

  • 1 x Premium Grade High Performance Car Midwoofer
  • 1 x Surface Mount Speaker Grille
  • 1 x Sachet of Grille Glue


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