Pyle Gear 5.25" 800w 2-Way Pair Custom Car Component Speaker System Set Kit

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Get in gear with the Pyle Gear series These speakers are designed to provide the best quality sound for the budget-minded enthusiast. You''ll be blasting your tunes and rocking the block with this component speaker kit. It includes one pair of 5.25'' mid-bass speakers, one pair of 0.5'' tweeters, one pair of passive crossover devices, a wiring kit, grills, and installation hardware - it''s a perfect way to upgrade and expand the range of your factory system. The mid-bass speakers pump with 300 watts of power and fit in most OEM locations. The 100-watt, 0.5'' silk dome tweeters have three mounting options and a frequency response from 1.3 to 22 kHz. Use the passive crossover networks to separate the signal from your headunit between the mid-bass and tweeter speakers for a richer, more accurate sound. You''ll hear everything you were meant to hear with Pyle Gear. This particular model is the component version. These will require a little more effort installing but the frequency separation is brilliant and the power handling is enormous - 200w RMS. It is because if the crossover that the sound is so good and the power so high. The frequencies are separated properly so neither speaker is trying to play frequencies it cannot deal with. Amp Requirements: These speakers are best amped on a traditional 2 Channel amplifier or run from your high power headunit. Ideally though, they should be hooked up to an amp with 100-200w RMS per channel, that is when you will hear these shine!

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